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If you want to see how simple images can convey a message,  just click on the "Drawings" link, just over to the left (or in the menu button if you're on mobile).

"The images that Mike created for my business resulted in an extensive amount of engagement, interest and dialog. To stand out in today's noisy digital world, you need to be creative and surprise your audience with great and unique content. Mike's drawings helped up do just that!"

     - Mitch Jackson | Jackson and Wilson, Inc. 2013 California Lawyer of the Year

If you find an image you'd like to use from this site, go ahead and use it. Everything here is copyright free. (It'd be great if you could give a link back to this site, but no worries if you can't.)

"Thinking is easier with simple images like Mike' s"                                     

               - Tommy Walker l Marketing@Shopify

And last thing, if you would  like to discuss commissioning a simple image for that special project, just email me here, and let's discuss price and timing. *Special prices are available for work commissioned before the end of the year!*

"Mike brought our programme material to life by creating our very own character who tells the story and conveys the messages of the training we provide. Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure, and his ability to capture our thoughts in his sketches was truly stunning. Would we recommend Mike and his Stick Figures to anyone looking to sprinkle meaningful fun throughout whatever it is they are creating? You bet!”

     - Andy White, Where Two Worlds Collide

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